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Copy of BREAKOUT (No Stick)

Copy of BREAKOUT (No Stick)

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This five-session story book does not include a hiking stick. It has activities and projects for your five-six year old. Every book comes with a companion journal, and a sleeve of our high quality vinyl stickers. 

Through our poems children discover that God is King of all the air, God isKing of all the land, God is King of all the water, God is King of all the forests, and God is King of all the creatures. Each chapter is followed by practical and simple lessons that captivate the imagination through observing God’s world, engaging in projects, and discovering the joy of hiding the word of God in their heart.  When campers have completed each chapter and memorized the scripture verse they may place the corresponding sticker on their hiking stick. 

If you are a Trail Life Leader this curriculum is a path to the Worthy Life Award for your Fox Trailmen. Our leader guide will be available as a free download Mid-August. 

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